Fabulous Living Room Ideas

Bellissi Lounge Collection

The living room is a very peculiar room in a house. Often, it is where the first impression is given about the residence and who lives in it, since the style of the decoration of the room carries much of the personal taste of those who live in the place, so it is super important that who inhabit the environment spend some time thinking of the decor and the furniture for the living room.

Furniture for TV room

In the room, you can not miss a space dedicated to the warmth of both the resident and the visitors. The ideal is also that there is a TV room for electronic devices, and space only to watch movies and programs, but as the spaces available are getting smaller, it is important to reconcile the living room with the TV room.

As we said before, the furniture chosen for the room will tell a lot about your style and also welcome who arrives. That's why it's important to carefully choose the furniture in the living room so that it is beautiful and harmonized with the environment and the available space.

Small living room furniture

Purchase a two or three comfortable chairs for small living rooms. You can fit it with the coffee table, for example, or you can decorate a little corner when there are not too many people to use the living room. This is great for saving money and making good use of space.

For modern living rooms, it is important to invest in furniture at Bellissi Lounge Collection that has a strong geometric footprint. The modern living room uses softer shades, solid-colored fabrics and also practical sofas and chairs.

Furniture for classic living rooms

Classic living rooms look perfect if there is plenty of space. In that case, invest in colonial furniture or with a great retro influence. The use of pillows and lamps is also a great request to leave the room with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Living rooms in apartments that share the space with the American style kitchen can be delimited with rugs or puffs. It is very important that the room environment is independent, as far as possible, from the rest of the house.

Other details like tables, mirrors, curtains, and planned furniture should be taken into consideration when planning the decor of the living room. Also, it's worth remembering that wallpapers, stickers and the painting itself should harmonize with the style and furniture you want to install in the room.